Our personnel:

At IFS we believed strongly in our staffs and valued them as important asset to our company. We are made up of a solid, highly dedicated and professional team who are constantly working towards the satisfaction of our customers by monitoring the movement of the cargoes around the world.

We believed in:

  • Team Spirit
  • Loyalty
  • Flexibility
  • Dependability
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Positive, Proactive Attitude
  • Willing to Work
  • Uses Down Time Productively
  • Always Follows Directions
  • Consistently Accurate
  • Works Independently
  • Gets Along with peers, management, and clients
  • Good Grooming and Hygiene
  • Good Attendance - Does not take off all their sick time just because they have it
  • Cooperative


To offer a high quality and a full package service to our valuable customers ranging from Sea Freight, Air Freight, Customs Brokerage, Inland Transportation, and Express Warehouse, and land transportation services door-to-door. 

To maintain a friendly culture such that to build up loyalty and trust with our customers. 

To always keep our promises and work towards achieving customer satisfaction.  

To always act differently and proactively in the way of conducting the daily work. 

To be conscious of the responsibility of striving to keep a well maintained environment and as well as to protect it. 

To act rapidly and flexible to the fast changing environment. 


To develop worldwide business skills, be the right partner at the right place for our customers at large by offering competitive solution.